Crisis Communication


Are you prepared for a crisis?

Most companies will experience a crisis that requires a sophisticated communication strategy. From data breaches to online smear campaigns, no organization is immune. We can manage the situation and control the fallout. Our 24/7 crisis response team provides tactical and strategic support for communicating during a crisis. We donít just work with you during the situation: We help you prepare and we help you move forward. We train, prepare, respond and act.


Our services include

  •     Risk assessment
  •     Crisis communication strategy development
  •     Social media management
  •     Media planning, monitoring and response
  •     Message development and media relations
  •     Third-party ally development
  •     Post-crisis recovery, including impact assessment, change management and reputation restoration


Perhaps most important, we train your team to avoid or at least mitigate crises. We teach you to   

  •     Identify the appropriate expert on your team to take the lead in a specific crisis situation
  •     Anticipate crises
  •     Standardize crisis preparation across the organization
  •     Develop specific talking points in advance of a crisis
  •     Build an effective crisis management team


You canít always prevent a crisis, but you can be prepared. Contact Health2 Resources to learn how we can help.