Public Affairs

A conversation is a two-way venture, and connecting with the right audience matters. Our practice immerses us in day-to-day contact with national health care thought leaders and practice visionaries--all key audiences that you need to get in front of to tell your story. We cultivate partnerships for our clients with the people and organizations that can propel them forward. Itís a big world, and we offer the megaphone and bandwidth to meet your goals.


Our track record as a result-oriented, preeminent firm in the health care space positions Health2 Resources as a convener of health and health IT experts, patient-centered medical home leaders and experts in the accountable care space. We speak your language and understand your issues. We speak their language and work as an interpreter on your behalf. We work with you to define and measure success.

Your relationship with stakeholders is important to the success of your company. We will help you develop a realistic and successful strategy with trade associations, unions, media, think tanks, business groups and your customers in order to explain the value proposition of your product, service or idea. Our goal is to help you maintain a strong reputation and find a common ground with these stakeholders.


What you know is important. Who you know can be just as vital.


Advisory Board Development
Do you need to create Editorial Advisory Board, Client Advisory Board, Science Advisory Board or Project Advisory Board? We identify the thought leaders and help you evaluate the strongest candidates.

Business Development
Do you want to explore another product line, promote an idea, or build a coalition of like-minded organizations? We do the market research and connect you with the right people to forge growth relationships.

Leadership Boards
Do you want to create a leadership board that clicks?  How do you tap into the top thinkers and engage them to see the world from your point of view? Health2 Resources can put you in the right place, introduce the best candidates and move the conversation along.