Video Production and Digital Media

Your story is framed by the conversations you have with potential partners, clients and new prospects. Segmented audiences need to hear and see your story in a range of media to fit their up-to-the-minute needs. Health2 Resources understands how to bring your message to the center of the picture via electronic, print, social and visual media services. It's all about sharing--and isn't that what framing the conversation is all about?

Modern technology is bringing better coordination to health care delivery. Your communication should be coordinated to make optimal use of every impression available. And our email database of more than 60,000 stakeholders demonstrates that your message can be translated far and wide. Our capabilities include the following:

  • Video scripting and production;
  • Webinar management and production;
  • Email push campaign design, development and execution; and
  • Social media strategy development.

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